Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Curiosities, Spooky Miniatures and Lollys

Before we get to the curiosities just a quick note:-) I have been working on a new candy sweet shop. Here is a sneak peek below. Also I have made some extra lollys that are for sale individually on my Sale page. Free Shipping in the US right now too. Please check it out Here:

Come peek at my new Curiosities and Spooky Miniatures. Including a little haunted Annabelle doll in a case. Also, some other wonderful miniature display cases for your curiosity shop, museum or maybe spooky attic.

Miniature Fejee or Fiji Mermaid

 Miniature Haunted Doll Annabelle

Miniature Apothecary Poison Cabinet

Egyptian artifacts including a gold leafed Nefertiti bust.

(above and below) Old museum display of a mummy.

Old spell book in a display case

Thursday, October 6, 2016

Big Web Page News for EVminiatures and some Bat and Fairy Specimens

Hello everyone...
Finally getting my new web sight up and running. I have had tripod and lycos since the beginning but it was time for an big update. I still need to get my erickav.com domain transferred but that make take some time because lycos is down for 3 days (as per normal). My new front page can be seen here: http://evminiatures.wixsite.com/mysite..

Also.... Some new Themed chests for Halloween. I have a new shopping page here:

Vampire hunter kit with a bat theme

 Fairy Collector Kit

 Some bat specimens above and below